Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Young Guns.... of Thunder!

I'm sitting here in the semi-heart of Marrietta, GA at the Murray Sound Lab, recording a new song for a new EP.  I feel old. Everyone doing this project with me us under 30.  All these young Sons of Thunder pounding out a sound to some of those crazy melodies that dance in my head. 

If you are not a song writer you'll miss that journey but if you are, you know what I am saying.   I don't know how I am doing this and how it is all going to work, but I think I'll finish my life trying to hum, tap, slap, slam, or knock out of the ball park another random thought that has a lift and lilt to it.  I feel like a fly on the wall watching something bigger occur.  These young guys are hearing their own production shooting out from the chords of my original intentions. Wow, it's so amazing to hear what they hear.  They make me feel younger!  I want to run get a pair of Lucky or Diesel Jeans, Tom shoes and put three different colors in my hair!  (I actually already own 2 pairs of Toms, so I guess one step ahead)

What a day to be alive and and house a gift!  What a day to be in the crowd and on the side lines watching these young beautiful male and female souls discover how to find their sound and reach with their tenacity for the Living God. What a day to be a 42 woman surrounded by young King David's who dropped the Lyre to find a loop!  These positioned Renegades who are desperate to figure out what the "church" is going on and how to not look like what others say, are the reasons they don't sit in her pews any longer.  I notice them though. They look out of the corner of their eye and can't believe themselves that they are in a room with me!  What they may not know is that I am the one honored.  Honored to light a candle when they throw their crowns down before a Justice King and tell him how great of a Father he has been to them.  You can't buy a ticket to that.  But if you could.....I might be first in line.............


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  1. wow... reading this makes my heart Race ... Time to start writing again ...