Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The WEB SITE & Peace

A Snowy Saturday Morning

It's been a long time coming but The new web site will be up soon!!!

I finally totally figured out that I am neither Wonder Woman or any related superhero. I have a great gal working on my new website which I am very excited about but in the meantime am trying to walk in a few different titles. I have some good office help, but looking for full time intern as well. All the while selling a house, being a single mom, travel agent and product shipper and running a worship school!

Through all the stress though, I have such an expected hope and peace over this year. There are wonderful signs of God lending his voice in break-thru and insight. I am so grateful for that. Finding peace has been like finding a needle in a haystack. As it comes I find myself guarding it with my life and allowing nothing and no one to take it from me. Believe me, obstacles of life and the voice opposition will try. The goal I find myself working toward is not in booking events or recording (although those things are a daily task at planning). I want to hear the voice of God directing my movements and actions most. I have pushed though a very dark season to find a renewed sense of who I am and what I was made for. The worship school I started called D.I.V.E. (Deep, Innovative, Vertical, Expression) keeps getting more fluent and functional every time I do one. I am moving it's location this year (for the sake of covering purposes) to Huntsville, AL. This past week I finished the 8th (or is it 9th) one. Nothing I have ever done outside of adopting Justice, has meant more and made me feel more alive in Christ. Giving away what He has given me really has a power to it. To see these young worship leaders come in one way and go out another is addicting. Freedom is addicting. Once you start getting free, there is no other feeling quite like it. I think true freedom settles everything else around you. We can experience relief and misdiagnose it for freedom. Real, true, fascinating freedom has me not looking for relief but finding life! Peace is hard to find, and harder to keep. So, I'm keeping it warm and safe inside my heart today. I'm looking out the window and seeing the untouched snow piled up in the backyard. It's still the backyard but covered with a substance that changes the way it looks. That it the way peace feels. The situation may look the same but when peace falls it changes the way we look at circumstance.

I'm in awe most days of my son, Justice. His name alone brings this rich realness to our household. He has begun asking a zillion questions about life, people, weather and toys. The righteousness in the deep meaning of his name has a beautiful peace on it that I marvel at. He is not a fearful kid by nature. Funny, curious and silly, yes, but fearful and apprehensive, no. Justice can play for hours upstairs by himself while I am flogged by emails and office work downstairs. His easy way of being okay with my load makes me realize that the fairness in his name also has a residence of peace on it. I am in awe of how the Lord steered that little tiny true African now American soul into my arms. God knew what was ahead and how I would need his life and radiance to weave hope and health into my chaotic, busy, progressive journey!

Justice makes me want more of the light of God and the depth of truth to be upon my every move. Of course like any real boy Justice also believes right now that slime and boogers are the funniest thing he has ever talked about or seen. Some things remain the same, regardless.

I am starting February out with what I call "push hope". When I feel like I am under the heaviness of a load I chant over and over "push for hope!" Hope, like peace is more at times an under currant then a tidal wave. Maybe what I have gained are new glasses to see what was on the shelf in reach the whole time. Who knows. If you're like me and slow at understanding what is possibly staring you in the face all the time, then give a shout out. My peace right now is not in people, places or things. It is in Heaven and it's Master. Wow.

Anyways, these are my thoughts on a snowy Saturday morning! Peace out!

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