Saturday, January 9, 2010

I've been sitting here in a hotel room and reflecting on the past year. 2009 was a very tough 12 months for me. So much to push through and so many situations to try and find the word 'rest' in. As 2010 rises into the now I find simplicity is what settles around me. Maybe because with weakness and exhaustion what remains sometimes is the simple truths of what is key, to progression. Pure rest. The Psalms are full of the human cry and the spirits reach in truth. The wondering of the whereabouts of God and then the exaltation's of his Glory and Divinity being the focal point. The mystery's of God still being searched out by flesh and spirit in their collide to find meaning, understanding and gain maturity.

I find myself in great sighs at how beautiful is the bruise of long winters and short springs. There is no straight path to take without hiccups. My focus has to be a straight forward, not going to give up a goal, of whatever I am handed I will find a melody in. I want wholeness for the sake of holiness. I want truth for the sake of freedom. I want information for the sake of growth. I want rightness for the sake of righteousness. I want healing for the sake of testimony. I want God more then anything else.

Just Thoughts today.......